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Experience lively and engaging presentations for your virtual or live events, corporate trainings, and seminars that inspire individuals to pursue their strengths and become their best selves both personally and professionally, while developing and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


A wellness advocate and business owner, Kristine holds a passion for teaching impactful stress management lifestyle practices to promote living a healthy, happy, and joyous work/life balance. Upon years of increasing stress in her personal work life, she began implementing mindfulness based tools such as Neuro Linguistic Programming and yoga, coupled with physical fitness and diet. She began to enjoy increasingly greater work/life balance, resulting in increased joy and decreased stress. Today she works with meeting and event planners, corporate wellness leaders, and executives to help define and implement best practices. Herprimary focus is on individuals’ natural abilities and Kristine promotes mental and physical wellbeing as two of the most effective tools to increase workplace productivity, efficiency, and co-creativity amongst teams. She provides business coaching, team trainings, and fitness and mindfulness sessions to CEOs, executive leaders, and meeting and event planners.

"I started my career over 20 years ago in corporate training, seminars, and event planning. During the early years of my career, I began feeling the pressures of the workplace, and found myself struggling to find a healthy work/life balance. It was clear through my co-worker relationships that I was not the only one. I began my journey to a more balanced life to increase my ability to manage my own stress, and found friends and coworkers asking me what changed in my attitude and productivity. I started to share some practices with others . . .and a new career was suddenly born. In 2015, I founded my first Wellness Business, CROW (Coordinated Response on Wellness) Practice, launching wellness into the events industry. In 2019, I started my second company, using my experience as a successful business owner and wellness advocate to bring wellness best practices to organizations and events. I'm always excited to make new connections, and absolutely love working with those seeking an empowered and driven team for maximum efficiency and productivity, along with a positive mental attitude. Contact me today to see if you and your organization are the right fit for my thrive- over- stress approach to wellness in the workplace."

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Helping corporations develop best business practices to maximize workplace efficiency and productivity with business coaching, keynote presentations, and facilitated team trainings in stress management and mindfulness.